Saturday, January 6, 2018

How Many Disasters Do We Need For Humans To Learn Humanity.

We were all human until
Race disconnected us,
Religion separated us,
Politics divided us,
And Wealth classified us.

You've Got A Smile That Could Light Up A Whole City.

The Darkness Around Us Is Nothing To Fear.It's The Darkness In Our Hearts That We Need To Fear.


It seeps through us like the cold and consumes us in it's icy breath. Making some of us fear it like our inevitable fear of death, but some prosper in it. Using it for the warmth of sleep and satisfaction of surprise.
Some say that's overwhelmed with beauty and some say that it's laced in the demonic gesture of the dead. Some get addicted to the sweet satisfaction of it and get wrenched into it's sinister hand. No one knows what's in this bleak darkness that wrenches out dark and joyful feeling but all we know is that it won't stop.



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I See Humans, But No Humanity.

We Are The Deadliest Things On Earth, Not Sharks, Not Snakes, But Us. We Go Cutting Down Trees For Living Space And Fail To Remember That We Are Not The Only On Earth, What Happens To The Other Creatures On Earth? They Die From Hunger And Poachers. We Call Ourselves The Most Intelligent On Earth But When It Comes Down To Saving The Planet We Become The Jokes. We Kill For Pleasure, Hunt For Food And Keep Animals Captive, When We Keep One Of Our Own Kind Captive We Call It Kidnapping, When We Keep An Animal Captive We Call It A Zoo. We Are Animals On The Inside As Much As Dogs And Cats, There Is No Difference Between Them And Us.